Monday, November 12, 2012

Love My Grandma

 Here's another Art Journal page I did recently.  I was inspired by these old pictures of my grandma that I have from when she was 18 years old~before she married my grandpa.  I love the look of her beautiful dress and the whole vintage feel of the era.  I'm so lucky to have this photo, which I took a copy of  for this project. (Duh...) Somehow, this lovely pink and sage color suited this layout perfectly.  I especially love the pose she's in, contemplative, innocent and sweet all at the same time~typical for an 18 year old young woman looking to her future.
A close-up portrait along with the smaller full-body pose, this is on the opposite page from the above page.  My grandma always had this sweet lovely face and smile.  Unfortunately, I  never really knew her, she passed while I was a small child.  But, my Dad had her sweet smile.  

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