Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Designs!

 I've been in the studio recently working up some new designs for my cases! Being that Day of the Dead aka Dia de los Muertos is so popular year round for me, I decided to come up with a new design that's fun and festive!  All elements are paper and my own decoupage' technique that make this all mine!  They came out quite nice and I'll be creating more of them for my up coming show at the Garden of Beaden in Upland on April 26-27 !
 Here's a little peek at the process~as you can see, it's eyeglass cases and paper...'s all quite simple really...NOT!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fun at the Renaissance Faire! Huzzah!

 Need I say more?
 Ladies Debb & Lynne of the Shire all smiles on this Day of Merriment and Frivolity!
We took part in the Queen's Tea, which was a wonderful way to take a break from the visual and sensory overload of the day! We met some lovely people and a Duke or two! I was even given a talking to by the Queen herself for flipping my hat feathers and keeping audience with a Sir Richard Dudley from her Court! Lynne and I thought this most amusing and Sir Dudley Most Charming!


 The Beautiful, Lady Lynne of the Shire!
 Our Favorite Rogues, The Dread Pirates of Odd Wood! OMGosh, these guys are a RIOT! With their Bawdy Sea Shanty's and physical comedy to match, there is nothing left to the, the keyboard player is HOT and the drummer has the most amazing blue eyes ever...I digress...anyway, the show is a complete laugh~they're heavy metal Unplugged! Head Banging before electricity! Rockin' the Shire Daily!
 Lady Lynne of the Shire, Strike A Pose!
 Queen Elizabeth Giving us a Talking to! (I can't believe I had the balls to snap this whilst being scolded!)
 Some of the "Taller" folk we met!
 This guy...not so friendly to look at, but loved his whole costume!  The costumes here are AMAZING!  We just love taking it all in and getting new ideas and inspiration everywhere we look! 
 Myself, Lady Debb of the Shire at the entrance~what a Perfect Day in the Shire!
 I ask you: "how else would you sail YOUR ship?" 
 One must laugh ALWAYS!
 Okay, there's an amusing story that goes with this sign...we ventured into the Ren Faire Museum, which was loaded with photos and memorabilia encompassing 50 years of Faire Fun and memories. One of the docents saw me snapping a picture of this sign and told us the tale... Back in the 70's when the Faire was in Augora, there were two paths to take to get across the park; the lower more used and defined trail and the upper, more private, secluded less traveled trail loaded with poison oak.  Well, the youth are always looking for private places to "relax" as it were and were always getting busted by security, which kept the first aid station BUSY being they always had an outbreak of poison oak on tons of peoples "unmentionable" parts!  So, these signs were put up all around the upper trail to warn-off those randy folks in a language even THEY would understand! This is one of the Original signs from that era~now on display with a Fun Story Attached!
 Wood Nymph~beautiful costume and make-up!
Lady Debb of the Shire at a metal works booth! This artist does a lot of Dia de los Muertos art and is based in Montclair Gang! Whoo Hoo, lets hear it for Local Artists! His enameled pieces are Awesome!
A Wonderful Day was had by All! It all went by so fast~so now I have to launder my costume and put my Hat of Many Plumes away and save all of my goodies for another Faire~Huzzah!