Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All That Glitters Part 1!

I was so lucky to have won the Sparkle Award at GlitterFest for my booth display! What an honor! GlitterFest was such an amazing experience that I hope to repeat in the Fall! (I'm already getting ideas for my table layout...)

No matter what, you've gotta have Glitter!

Me with my Sis, Rosie!

My bestest friend, Jen!

It's all about the Bling Factor ladies!

My booth at GlitterFest Spring 2011!

All That Glitters Part 2!

Melanie does the most BEAUTIFUL beadwork on all of her jewelry!

Lisa Loria posing by her amazing booth! Lisa's Bling Babies are so cool and unique~as is all of her fabulous art!

Robin at her amazing booth~I learned wire bending techniques from Robin! Her classes rock and her jewelry is awesome!

Crystal's mermaid boxes are so cool! She also makes amazing sculptures with solder. Her Time Machine was off the charts!