Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking Forward to a New Year~

Can you All Believe it's been nearly 15 years since the Millennium? I remember throwing a Fabulous Fun Party in Belair at Ed's Awesome Home~my parents were going to a New Years Eve party at the club and us 'kids' were throwing our own Bash at the house. Not only was this the infamous "Millenium", which was reason enough to celebrate in Grand Style, but Ed's health would take a turn in a few months plaguing him with Alzheimer's and a year and 4 months later, his passing. This was the Last Party that any of us ever enjoyed at his Fabulous house on the hill overlooking UCLA.  I'm so Glad that we threw this Bash and celebrated in proper style and Panash befitting the splendor of this vintage dwelling that Ed had built in 1952. Later that new year, the house sold, the property was completely flattened and a brand news shiney modern glass palace was erected. Beautiful to behold, but not the vintage mansion that we had loved so much.  As I reflect at this time of year, I always think of this party to End All Parties and the Awesome Friends that joined us in our Celebration and Future Dreams~Time does indeed Fly. Cherish and Live Life~keep each other close and Love! Happy New Year Gang~I Love You All!