Thursday, August 11, 2011

Organization 101

I recently made a trip to my local Ikea~I couldn't resist these cute little stainless steel mini bowls! they're perfect for corralling those stray little beads and findings when I'm working on a jewelry project. I'm always on the lookout for unique and helpful items to organize with.
Of course, everyone knows about these handy little "spice" jars from Ikea. I finally just HAD to have some of my own! (I purchased 2 sets.) They're perfect for storing all of those little embellishments that we all collect when creating: brads, eyelets, metal embellies, broken glass, used bullet casings, bottle caps, etc. You get the picture. Fantastic and cute to look at!

This is my discovery of the DAY! The ever useful Dish Drying Rack! When I was at Ikea, I had in mind to find something that would help me to organize my ever-growing collection of jars containing various items I use in my art. Before I received this momentous brain fart I would just stack the jars on top of each other down the middle of my two worktables. Now mind you, this was fine...until a minor earthquake hits, then there's scattered goodies and glass everywhere! Plus, all of this interesting storage was encroaching on my workspace. What I was able to do was, look at this item and think of another way to use it and voila' my jar rack was born! It stores all of my glass jars on a sturdy and tidy surface, I can still see what I have when I need it, and the rack allows me some much needed workspace! I Love It!

This is so effiecient, I can't tell you!

Now my work area is neat and more organized! I'm really digging this set-up!