Saturday, June 25, 2011

Studio Stills...

I so love my new studio space! I totally converted my garage into 2/3 studio, 1/3 storage~I think that's a good fraction to work with! We always parked our cars in the driveway for convienience anyway, so the space wasn't being maximized, in my opinion. When I was closing the store the last 2 months, I decided to take advantage and as I liquidated at the store, I would clean out parts of the garage, and Voila'! I have a very functional art-space that's roomy and full of everything I need! Below are a few pic's showing my completed spaces. I'll try to post pics of the whole adventure from beginning to end. Just stay tuned...

Where my "entertainment" resides. A girl needs a little musical muse to keep her going throughout the day, right?

One side of my jewelry-making station. I just love working with little bits of treasures, don't you?

I especially love the "Baileys Irish Creme" cup with the little face. I picked her up in one of my favorite "boutiques" aka, thrift shop for $2. Had seen her all over at antique stores for $7-$12...can you say...SCORE?

Playin' in my studio...

I finally made some time today to get back in the studio and get some creating done! It's awesome how once you get in your groove, time and your own creativity just take you it! It had been awhile since I was really able to get back to the studio; so much going on these days after closing my store and transitioning into being home full-time. At least for now...

Here's a few lovelies I worked on today:

"Steampunk Rose"

Bejeweled Antique Key Necklace

Crystal Cross Necklace

New Lovlies!

Some recent goodies that I finished in my studio! Love this Gothic-Style piece so much, that I've been seen wearing it about town! Even showed it off on my recent trip to Vegas!

This piece was inspired by Vintage finds and various treasures I discovered while out near Temecula enjoying the sites with my firend Kathy. Okay, we were lost and almost side-tracked it to a casino, but resisted the urge and pressed on with our treasure hunting adventure! I especially love the little glass flower beads and the cross on the petina colored centerpiece, most cool!

All pieces shown are for sale-I can be contacted at: