Monday, June 25, 2012

Art Abandonment!

I am so loving this new group I joined called: "Art Abandonment" The idea is to leave random pieces of your art, no matter what you choose, in public places unseen by anyone. The annonyomous nature makes this that much more meaningful! We attach a note to our art stating what our group's goal is and a contact address via Facebook: I have abandoned two pieces thus far~This bright and fun-loving piece was my second abandonment which I secretly left at our public library! I felt so giddy walking out afterwards, like I pulled-off the greatest caper ever! I hope it brightened someone's day to find it!

Close-Up of my flower-power in a Coke bottle vase!

This was my first abandonment caper~left at my Mom's doctor's office outer lobby in Pasadena, Ca. Everyone needs a little gift when they go to the doctor's, right? Maybe it made someone happy!

This was the actual item that I made for my first "Abandonment"! I love repurposing common objects, or at least dolling them up!