Friday, February 20, 2015


It's Showtime! Well, actually, Saturday the 28th of February, to be exact. Of course, this means working like a crazy person to complete all of my imagined projects for this Awesome Event, Glitterfest! I know that once I "get in the groove" there's no stopping me...except when in the middle of the creating madness I get a new idea for a project that has NOTHING to do with what I'm currently working on! And, of course, I have no time to take on a new endevour. What could I be thinking? I'm not.  That's the problem. Unless...
I digress, I'm working on the home stretch and only have one more project to complete and figure out my table design, which is in my head being tweaked as I go through my day. Isn't this how everybody works? Well, cluttered or not, my cranium is on creative overdrive and I still decompress by working in my art journal in the evenings. This tends to relax me, no deadlines, no structure, no restrictions or rules, just Play. I need this and it keeps me creatively Sane!  As I look forward to next weekends show, I'm already percolating on some new stuff for the Fall show, my Favorite time of the year! 
So mark your calendars Gang~Glitterfest is nearly here!