Friday, October 14, 2011

From the Studio

I believe an introduction is in order...these are my Skully Girls. I created them a couple of years ago for the Halloween Holiday Season. this was a creation that just "popped out of my melon". I have since sold these lovlies, but have created a dozen or so more currently. My idea is to have them reproduced to sell at a more affordable price!

So, stay tuned for more postings of my Skully Girls Soon!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween at the House!

It's that time of year again, time to open up the Halloween bins and deck the walls with spiders, webs, pumpkins and all sorts of frightening fun! Halloween is by far, my favorite Holiday! I actually have more Halloween decorations than Christmas...and that's counting the tree and all of the ornaments! Ha, ha! This is just Phase I of the process~stay tuned for more as the bins open...themselves....mmmmuuuuuuuaaaaaahhhhhhh!

More from the Bridle Path

While out walking the path this morning, I was amazed at all of the new things to be found that needed my camera lense! I had just walked this very same path yesturday! I always make it a practice to have my camera on me, even while walking myself and the dog.

I really love the trail at this time of the morning; even with the commuter traffice whirling by. I get sucked into the scenery and start excercising my artist's eye through the camera lense. So many new ideas in my I'm hungry. Don't ask me the connection there.

Views From the Bridle Path

It's hard to believe that all of thes beauty is in my own backyard! In addition to hiking twice a week on local trails, I've started walking the trails near my home.

What a wonderful way to jump-start your day! I advise everyone to get out and see the world around you in your own neighborhood. You will look at everything with different eyes and may discover some things that you never noticed before that were always there...and it's free.

Ruby Goes A Walkin'

My Little Puppy Girl, Ruby, on our morning walk today down Covina Hills Rd. I just couldn't resist snapping a few pics!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Paradise Kitten Art Travels!

Samples of my Altered handbags, wallets, business card cases and eyeglass cases! If interested or need any further info. on any of my art/products, you can email me at:

Just a note to let you all know that THANKS TO SAM aka CHING BLING, my art is now in Croatia! Back from her recent travels, Sam informed me that my eyeglass cases are now in Croatia, thanks to her giving them as gifts to the locals in her travel group! Sam's such a giver! She even made it home in time to take advantage of our October Crop, where she purchased a few more eyeglass cases for more giving! Thanks Sam for spreading the word and my ART, I truely appreciate it!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Beautiful Day at the Rose Bowl Flea Market!

Let the Shopping Begin! You can't beat the local of this flea market on a clear day!
This says it all! I wanted to buy these letters not only because of the "word", but the COLORS!

Need I say more?

Cool "bot" guy! If you look close, his hair is made of wood screws upside down all spiky! This would look great in my garden...

...more goodies at the Rose Bowl Flea Market!

"Who put this dress on me?! I'm not the marryin' type!"
I remember my Dad used to use this soap after working on his cars-rough stuff, but it did the trick! Oh, by the way, Kat bought that compote in the background~such a deal!

Awesome church windows, wish I had someplace to use them! Catch that blue shy Gang, it was the perfect day to cruise the flea market!

Need any "Hot Jazz" Gang?

Got Balls?