Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I'm Published!

 I finally did it Gang! I took the time and got myself organized and stayed focused enough to actually see this task through, and it paid off! My Tiki-Cocktail Necklace is published for all to see in this months Jewelry Affair! I'm so Over the Moon about this, I should of done it much sooner. I've been told for years by family, friends, customers, peers, fellow artists, my kid, that I should submit my work to be published. I always made excuses: "I don't have anything worthy yet", or: "I don't have the time", "my stuff isn't their style", "they hold onto your stuff for so long, will I ever get it back?". And on, and on until all that was left to do is get off the Excuse Train to Nowhere and DO IT! I'm so glad that I did, the feeling is pure joy, to say the least! I finally reached a level in my jewelry making that satisfied me skill-wise. I'm always lucky enough to have loads of ideas, some good, some different, but the skill level had to be there for me to take this step. Timing is everything and here I am! I'm so grateful to everyone who has supported me and my art through the years, you all have given me the drive to keep learning and perfecting my skills and fuel my creativity. Once the wheels start turning there's no slowing them down or turning back; it's full steam ahead! (I don't know where all of the train references are coming from, must be channeling my Dad!) Now all I can think about is trying to get another piece or two in print. I need to get back out into the shop and finish up on some new ideas I've been working on lately, peacock feathers under glass are a project of mine these days and I'm back at soldering Dem bones! Stay tuned, and who knows, you may see me in print again! 
Jewelry Affair Spring 2015 Issue