Monday, November 21, 2011


My BIG SALE of the Day!

My Blue Dream Necklace! This was one of my first jewelry pieces that I made!

It contains two vintage costume earrings, frosted blue glass beads, small silvertone spacers, silvertone rolo chain and various glass beads and rhinestones. The centerpiece is a piece of broken porcelain that actually broke in the righ place for me! It's an outdoor scene of a Native American on horseback near a waterfall, with a tree and landscape around him-Fabulous! I soldered the edge of the china making it usable as a pendant. I am rather proud of this piece and am glad it has found a new home and will be enjoyed!

Trunk Show Gems~What a Great Day!

Hey, I found yet another use for my decanters and wine bottles! They make GREAT display vessels! Especially my Marilyn Merlot vintages-they are the perfect item to show-off my Marilyn necklaces-how's that for workin' it? The necklaces range in price from $35.00-$65.00- all are hand made and soldered by me in my home studio. No two are alike-all of my art is one-of-a-kind originals.

Below, are nickel plated credit card cases-these are made to look like the old fashionable cigarette cases. Inside they have a mirror and clip to hold your cash-etc. I'm selling these lovlies for $18.00/ea. the embellishments are distressed metal charms that I have attached to make these all the more cool!

...more Fab Goodies!

My livingroom has been transformed into a fabulous Boutique! I still have it set-up...I really don't want to tear it down quite yet, being I put so much into creating it! Thankfully, I'm not entertaing this Thanksgiving, so I can leave it up as long as I wanna! (I'll get the house back to "normal" soon, don't worry...)

Pictured are: Paper Rosettes-after I bought my Martha Stewart score board thingy, I can's stop making these lovlies! I'm selling them for $1.50/ea. They all have a Vintage Button set in the center!

My display showing my fab Rings for a mere $8.00/ea and various necklaces. I do so LOVE mirrors, don't you?

A trayful of repurposed eyeglass cases! Each one an original by ME! I so Love Graphic 45 papers and use them all of the time in my repurposing projects! These lovlies sell for $25.00/ea.

These necklaces are from my "Day of the Dead" Collection! I know the holiday has passed, but we should always honor those that have moved on and remember them always! I wear my pieces from this collection whenever the mood hits...I know a lot of dead people, let me tell you! Plus, these are fun and whimsical~and sometimes you just need to show a little skull!

...more Gems from my trunk show

Here's a few of my creations from the Trunk show this past Sunday! Despite the torrential rain we had, a record number of brave souls made it to the fun and festivities! There was plenty of food and wine for all-one customer just called me to thank me for the great time and the "dinner"! Pictured are my various earrings and rings-prices start "in the basement" and go to the "2nd Floor"--all very reasonable! Some items are still available-email us at: for more info.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

...working in my Studio

Having a total blast working non-stop in the studio these days~all in preparation of my Trunk Show and Boutique this Sunday, Nov. 20th from 3-7pm! The madness never stops-when I would get to a stopping point with my art, I would start working on the Holiday Dacor in the house! Against my holiday viewpoint- I NEVER pre-emptively decorate for one holiday when the the current one hasn't even happened yet! ie: decorating for Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving! But, in this case I had to make an exception-my Trunk Show needs to be FESTIVE! So what's a girl to do? Climb that 6ft' ladder Baby and work those christmas lights! Whew! Now that most of the decorating is done, I can consentrate on my art again...I think the Stickles glitter glue has dried. Time to fire-up the glue gun and get creative!

Friday, November 11, 2011

In the Studio...

Out in the studio early this morning~gotta work on some new lovlies for my Trunk Show next weekend! ALWAYS need to use my Glimmer Mist...need I say more?

LOVE all of the glittery goodness of fresh fake holiday florals in the morning! Ahhh, the thinkgs I can create with these goodies!

My fav...chandelier crystals! These are going to become fabulous Christmas ornaments! Man the glue gun! Better get crackin, daylight is a wastin'! Be back with more tidbits when I ciome up for air!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Holiday Trunk Show and Boutique~sneak peek...!

Trunk Show...Sunday November 20th 3:00-7:00pm at Debb's Home! Please contact Debb for more info if interested at:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Walkin' in L.A.!

Hey look, they have MY silhouette as the logo for the Fashion District! (back when I used to have my hair cut in a bob...) Yeah, that's the ONLY difference...
ha, ha!

Happy Hallowen from Downtown L.A. Gang!
Is it newspaper? Is it fabric? It's a fabric newsprint outfit. Guess this would be good to wear on public transit...if you forgot your reading material you could just gaze at yourself and "catch up" on a little reading! Or, I'm sure others will! too funny!

Rockin' L.A.

But, of course, we do have the "angel" to keep us grounded and all the "tarts" to keep us entertained! I love the hairy rainbow Ugg-knock-offs! Don't know WHAT you would call that rainbow number, but I'm sure it's seen over and over again on Santa Monica Blvd. Halloween Night! Rock On People!

Love these cool sexy costumes...of course, here in L.A. they could be daily-wear attire! All the chicks here are sexpots, right? Ha, ha!

Let's Do Lunch!

Kat & I love our L.A. Dogs! Yes, they're loaded with nitrates and wrapped in bacon...but damn it, we have so FEW vices these days! We ONLY eat one, and we're walking all day! That's my story and I'm sticking to it! (...and, there's veggies all over the top!)

We Love L.A.!

Wonderful unique photo ops wherever you look! I love the maniquin-men~they're so metro and chic. Kat and I joked about the formals-Wowza! catch the "cop" standing at the patrol car...I thought she was a hooker at first being she was leaning through the passenger window talking to the real cop. Hmmm...then I saw that she was dressed for Halloween as a "cop"! Only in L.A.

Love the clothes in the "District" Fabulous goodies everywhere you look! Stick to the shopping list girls!

...more Halloween in L.A.

My Vintage Soul Sista and Treasure Hunter Kathy and I spent Halloween morning visiting some of our favorite joints to beef-up on supplies for the busy Holiday Season that is fast approaching! Of course, whilst on our downtown adventures, we always come equipped with our trusty cameras, ready to capture those amazing images! Take a lookie!