Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Custom Made Crystals by Debb!

My new Lovelies!

Hey Gang, while I was working away creating my new Bling goodies, I've been taking orders for custom made crystals! These little lovelies are the perfect gift for that special someone with that personal touch! They're very affordable at $25.00! No two are alike, and I create my own designs with my vast supply of goodies and a little imagination...okay, a lot of imagination. Ha, ha! Call the Scrapping Lounge to place your order today!

This Just In...NEW BLING!

"Peaceful Lady" Necklace"Vintage Gold" Bracelet

"Fiesta Red" Bracelet
"Multi Color" Bracelet

"Cobalt Blue" Bracelet

I've been busy in my studio working on some new designs to sell at the Scrapping Lounge! I've been so inspired and motivated to start using the supplies I have and stop buying so much STUFF! After my visit to Las Vegas last month for my 50th birthday, I started working away and creating. I purchased some amazing supplies at my fav bead shop in Vegas, and I was off!
There are many more items not pictured here available for sale at the Lounge; for info call:
(909) 626-7767 and we'll be glad to assist you with any questions you might have!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm Lovin' These Crystals!

I've been having so much fun lately just "Treasure Hunting" and finding great images to create my crystal pendants with! I've been seeing other variations of this great design in magazines and here and there; but I needed to put my own spin on this fab idea. I'm still madly working in my studio finishing up my second "batch" of these lovlies and can't wait to bring them to the store for all to see.
I've really been enjoying my soldering and playing with mixed media to create these pieces; so much FUN! If you want to see them in person or purchase, they're available at Scrapping Lounge in Montclair, Ca. Prices are $15-$25~you can put them on your own chain or string them on a beautiful piece of ribbon, voila' a fashion statement no matter what you wear it with!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bring in the Bling!

I love making these collage-style pieces!
We have so many great papers at my store,
that it's easy to find something to get creative
with! Most of these stones were found at a
great store in Las Vegas~5000 sq. ft. of
Beading Heaven! I think I was there at least 2
hours going through EVERYTHING!
"A Rose is a Rose"
"My Girl"
"Vintage Fashionista"
"Pretty in Pink"

"Cool Crystal" Necklace
(comes with matching earrings!)

"Blue Dream"

The Collection~sold at the
Scrapping Lounge
for store info. go to:
Now, it's time to start work on my "Marilyn"
bracelets and Halloween charms. Did a load of
soldering yesturday in the studio, burnt-out
my soldering tip; now I need to replace it pronto!
I really need to go break some more dishware
and create stuff...that was so FUN!
Dig Your Art Gang!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NEW Jewelry For Sale at the Scrapping Lounge in Montclair, Ca!
This just in...I worked over the Memorial Day Weekend in my studio creating this rack FULL of one-of-a-kind earrings! What a blast to finish a creative task! I was inspired when I took my daughter to the garment district with my sister, Rosie, to locate her dream-dress for her Sr. Prom! While shopping amongst all of the size 4-7 dresses that my body has long outgrown, I found my old LA haunts...the accessories stores advertising 50-70% off! Well, I was lucky enough to find this lovely earring holder, perfect for displaying my wares! My goal this past weekend, was to FILL IT UP, and I did! Love all of the unique styles and colors; makes me want to get a holder for myself! So, swing by the Scrapping Lounge and check them out soon, along with my new Eyeglass Cases and Wallets!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spring Bling!

My latest piece of lovliness! This necklace took me awhile to make, being I was making it up as I went along. Now, I'm finally realizing, as with scrapbooking, that every piece doesn't need to be a perfect piece of art when you have to build an inventory! Unless you want to take forever to create your art pieces! I'm working on a system that allows me to mass produce the easier more commercial pieces while allowing for the actual art that I need to create! A delicate balance, but very possible to do. Kudos to you artists out there that are doing this every day, you all make it look easy to balance; you're my inspiration! Soon, my pieces will be availabe at the Scrapping Lounge in Montclair, Ca. so be sure to Swing on By the Lounge!

Soldering 101!

I recently took a soldering class from Irene over at Garden of Beaden in Upland, Ca. , what a total blast! I so love, love, love this form of art and the dimension it brings to my jewelry making! One of my favorite things to do these days is to settle in with one of my Somerset mags; I expecially love the jewelry publications, they ROCK! I've been getting so inspired by all of the fabulous art in these magazines, that I just had to take the next step! So, of course, after I finished the class I had to go out and purchase all of the right goodies , right? Now, my garage not only houses my "home gym" and my jewelry making "tool bench" but also my soldering workstation! As soon as I get it all how I want it (getting the donation pile outta there and moving the pet toilets elsewhere!) Then I'll post some pics! Along with being constantly inspired by all of the art around me, I love checking out other artists workspace; must be my organized Virgo side. I'll post more when I get some pieces done. Thanks Irene, for teaching me the basics and opening up this whole side of jewelry making that I know will be exciting!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lookit Those Earrings!

Great little set of earrings I whipped-up the other night for an outfit. The fab charms are from my favorite new discovery, Garden of Beaden in Upland, Ca. What a fantastic little bead joint they have, very friendly and helpful! I also used what I call my "mutant beads" purchased at a yard sale for $1 (a whole bag of misfit beads, awesome!) I sorted them all out the other night by color and was inspired to create these earrings with the new "skully" charms I had purchased. and voila' love it! For more infor on Garden of Beaden go to:
Smooches Gang!

Swingin' Bling!

I discovered using chandelier crystals and "found" objects ie: antique earrings and jewelry bits, make wonderful and unique pendants! I used old book pages for the background (saved from tearing apart a book for another altered project...nothing goes to waste!) Soon, I will be learning to solder so I can add a different element to my jewelry making and "step it up a notch"!
These lovelies were made the same way, only without the fancies on top. Still fabulous, and personalized with individual stamped initials!

Humble beginnings of my pendants...I spotted this chandelier in one of my favorite haunts~got a great price for it, and the rest is history! Now, I just have to think of something to do with the lamp after the crystals are all off...maybe use it as a type of hanger for something...remember, nothing goes to waste!

Crystals before their bath...still pretty no matter what!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hand Made Journals

I got the idea for these way-cool journals when I was thinking of how to recycle and repupose things that we have laying around the house. Now, as an artist, I'm always sketching out ideas to use later, thoughts, grocery lists, etc. They say "Necessity is the mother of invention", and this is a perfect example. These fun journals make great functional gifts for either yourself or a friend. Inspire the artist within and get yours today while supplies last~at the Scrapping Lounge

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vintage Bling!

Vintage Purple Bling!
Last night I was inspired before dinner
to make yet another fun piece~I'm on a roll now!
I love mixing different pieces and re-purposing
bits of treasures to create something completely
original and one-of-a-kind. My pieces can be seen
in person and are available for purchase at the
Scrapping Lounge in Montclair, Ca

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Pretty Baubles by Debb

Feather & Pearl Bracelet
I so love mixing my treasure finds with all
kinds of pieces that you normally wouldn't
think of together! I love altering individual
pretties and matching them in new ways.
My Victorian Rose necklace was inspired by the
central piece that I felt needed something more
to really make it amazing and different. Love the
clunky chain which makes it more hip!
Pink Pearl bracelet~the pearls were hijacked
from a vintage piece from the 60's~the rest
came together from more of my found treasures.

Okay, I just love cut crystal chandelier
pieces! What girl doesn't? Now, you can wear
a bit of glam and shine wherever you go!

All that Glitters is this golden rose
and chandelier chrystal necklace! I Love
how this piece turned out~the contemporary
necklace combined with the vintage roses
and crystal pendant~love it!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More FUN Necklaces!

I've been working on making more fun necklaces for my store, Scrapping Lounge, along with some nifty jewelry stands to display them on. I went ahead and made a few stands for sale at the store too. I have one in my bathroom with most of the necklaces I currently wear; I actually wear my stuff more, being I see it every day and actually pick something out! They don't take up much space, and are very decorative. Swing on by the Lounge and check them out for yourself!

Bunco Banner Fun!

Hey Gang, how 'bout a Bunco Party? I have the perfect banner for you! I'm going to have a vendor table at a bunco party at the Sierra LaVerne Country Club on April 8th. I'm working on creating a few items with a bunco theme for the even, including a few necklaces with dice and beads on them. Nearly burned out my Dremmel drilling the holes in all the dice I'm using! so, warm-up the Crock Pot, bring a covered dish and enjoy an afternoon of BUNCO!

Spring "Birdhouse" Project

Thought I'd post a picture of this fun birdhouse I made last Spring out of chipboard and paper. Now you have to understand, when I was a kid and had to make a simple 3-D box out of paper, mine turned out abstract! I had no idea how to make all of the sides equal! (this was in Mrs. Maruca's third grade class.) So, for me to come up with this project totally from scratch, with no measurements or plan to follow is HUGE for me! This piece can be functional too; just pop off the roof, and you can store all kinds of fun inside! (no live birds please!)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Canvas Project DONE!

Hey Gang, I fianlly finished this piece entitled "Rose Ballet"! I kinda made it up as I went along, as I do with most of my art. I tend to get a picture in my mind, then move on from there. The paper roses were and inspiration from my fellow artsy friend, Lynn. She did a lovely version of these in fabric~which I'm now playing with. I think my next canvas project may be a larger size with either a bride or lady-in-waiting in a gown with a long train and flowers, to represent the beginning of Spring. I'll keep you all posted...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Holy Lip Balm Batman!

Hey Gang, I had a blast yesturday making my own lip balm in the kitchen! It reminded me of my lab days back in the 80's. (for those of you that don't know, I used to work as a lab assistant in a local pathology lab; oh the stories I could tell...) I dygress,
The little pots of lip relief are made of all natural ingredients; I made three flavors~lemon, orange and peppermint. I gave some to my hiking girls on the trail this morning and the balm really did the trick with today's windy weather! I also had fun making my own body scrub and face scrub, which I used last night; great exfolliators gals! And so easy to make using items that most of us have in our pantry. I also made what I call a dry "toothpaste" with baking soda, peppermint oil and dryed finely grated lime zest, refreshing! I love knowing the ingredients in some products I'm using, ingredients I can pronounce!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rockin' Wallets at Scrapping Lounge!

Hey Kittens, I just finished these new "Rockin' Wallets" and have them for sale at the Scrapping Lounge in Montclair, CA. They're all one-of-a-kind and unique! The perfect accent to make you smile when you're out running those errands! What could be more dull than a wallet I ask you? Having this unique artsy wallet can give you that little flair that people will notice and compliment you on! I love making these and making sure that no two are alike; my daughter & I both have our wallets~and they're totally different, so cool! Rock On Gang!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lounge Bags & Wallets!

I finally collected and posted my pictures of the cool purses and wallets I make for the Scrapping Lounge! I use vintage handbags and repupose them into functional works of art! My wallets are brand new and just as unique and practical. The gals that have purchased them love the attention they get and the fact that they're sporting a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of ART! Swing on by the Scrapping Lounge in Montclair, California to get yours today! Also, check out the Lounge's website and blog at:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Second Hand Rose Bling!

Let the art begin! I said that I was going to be creating like a Mad-Woman in 2010! Well, here you go, my new jewelry line, Second Hand Rose Bling is now available at the Scrapping Lounge! I'm having a blast creating these unique "repurposed" pieces. I love searching for just the right pieces to bring together to create these one-of-a-kind baubles for you to enjoy! Take a lookie!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lounge Cocktail Mix Hit's the Shelves!

New to the Scrapping Lounge-Embellies in a cool Mason jar! These just arrived this morning!

So colorful, and useful to the altered artist within. We all LOVE pretty colors and textures...

Get your Lounge Cocktail Mix on your next visit Cat's & Kittens, while supplies last!

New G45 Papers Hit the Lounge!

Hey Cats and Kittens, I just opened a brand new box of paper from my favorite vendor, Graphic 45! My store Scrapping Lounge in Montclair, CA is the place to be when it comes to FABULOUS goodies that us paper crafters all love! This is G45's new Pre CHA (Craft Hobby Assoc,) release. Yummy, yummy Gang! We have the lines: A Proper Gentleman, On the Boardwalk and Le' Romantique ~ Just got them on the shelves mere moments ago; so swing on by and check em out! Love it!