Friday, November 9, 2012

Be Fearless!

Good morning Gang!  Just thought I'd pop-in and post my latest art journal contribution!  I'm having so much fun adding my ideas and whims to this journal, my first ever art journal!   At first, I was puzzled how people found the time to keep art journals, why spend time working on a book for your own practice and reference when you could be spending that time making an actual piece?  Simply put, it's cathartic and therapeutic not to mention a learning tool and record of your trials, errors, experiments, discoveries and so much more.  After I got past the point of over thinking each entry and trying to make it a masterpiece, the ideas just flowed from me and I had to pull myself away so I would actually work on my projects outside of the journal!  It's amazing how once you tap into your creative resources, which, by the way you already have, and open the door to your creativity, you diminish your artist's block.  Or, at least, that's how it's been working for me.  I am now a firm believer in the journal, and will continue to fill books well into my golden years...or until I run out of paint~in which case, I'll get more!  I also love the idea of re-purposing old books for this purpose. I just visit my local thrift shop, aka, "boutique" and pick out a fine specimen for mere dollars and give it a new life!  I found, our local library is a good source, through their auxiliary you can purchase used books for a buck or two.  Either way, you're helping your community, reducing your carbon footprint, saving money and expanding your mind and your ART! 

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