Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm Lovin' These Crystals!

I've been having so much fun lately just "Treasure Hunting" and finding great images to create my crystal pendants with! I've been seeing other variations of this great design in magazines and here and there; but I needed to put my own spin on this fab idea. I'm still madly working in my studio finishing up my second "batch" of these lovlies and can't wait to bring them to the store for all to see.
I've really been enjoying my soldering and playing with mixed media to create these pieces; so much FUN! If you want to see them in person or purchase, they're available at Scrapping Lounge in Montclair, Ca. Prices are $15-$25~you can put them on your own chain or string them on a beautiful piece of ribbon, voila' a fashion statement no matter what you wear it with!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bring in the Bling!

I love making these collage-style pieces!
We have so many great papers at my store,
that it's easy to find something to get creative
with! Most of these stones were found at a
great store in Las Vegas~5000 sq. ft. of
Beading Heaven! I think I was there at least 2
hours going through EVERYTHING!
"A Rose is a Rose"
"My Girl"
"Vintage Fashionista"
"Pretty in Pink"

"Cool Crystal" Necklace
(comes with matching earrings!)

"Blue Dream"

The Collection~sold at the
Scrapping Lounge
for store info. go to:
Now, it's time to start work on my "Marilyn"
bracelets and Halloween charms. Did a load of
soldering yesturday in the studio, burnt-out
my soldering tip; now I need to replace it pronto!
I really need to go break some more dishware
and create stuff...that was so FUN!
Dig Your Art Gang!