Friday, March 16, 2012

These Aren't your Granadma's Eyeglass Cases!

$25.00 These eyeglass cases are so much fun and make a perfect gift for that someone with Flair! They come in various sizes to fit sunglasses and reading glasses. Also, did you know that they are perfect for carrying your lipsticks, mascara and tampons? Yes, no more embarassing trips to the ladies room with your whole purse while at the office Girls! How incognito is that?! Each case design is different and vintage-inspired.
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Artful Wallets!

$55.00 These beautiful wallets pack a punch! They're a little wider than the other styles with a rhinestone embellished back. They're uniquely lovely and eye-catching!
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Elvis and Marilyn~How Iconic

$45.00 The king in one of his most famous poses from "Jailhouse Rock" fame. Both sides of this wallet have the same design.
$45.00 Marilyn looking oh-so-sweet in this popular pose! Both sides of this wallet have the same design.
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More Wallets with Flair!

Wallets- $45.00 Card Cases- $20.00 Each wallet/card case is unique and has designs on both sides. The gold wallets have a fiary theme which is delightful and perfect for Spring! The card cases have various vintage-inspired designs that are unique!
$45.00 These bright and lively wallets are sure to get attention every time you bring them out! Vintage-inspired designs are playful and unique, no two are alike!
$45.00 These classical designs are a favorite with our customers and sell-out quickly. Each wallet is unique and stylish!
$45.00 More Fairy-Land Fun with this Springtime design! This artwork is truely fun inspired with a vintage flair!
$20.00 Card cases in bright hues are a perfect way to draw attention whilst presenting your business card to others! These little lovelies can also be used to carry your credit cards, cash, etc. when you need just a little something that fits in the palm of your hand!
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Wallets and Card Cases Galore!

$45.00 I love the pin-up art of the 40's ~ the 60's, it was so tastefully done, fun and beautiful; as seen on this particular wallet. The same design is on both sides.
$45.00 this lovely is sure to draw attention when you shop with her! The same art is present on both sides of this wallet.
$35.00 This whimsical wallet is a fun addition to your Springtime accessories! The same art is present on both sides.
$35.00 For those VW lovers, this little wallet is perfect! The artwork on the revese side is a bit different, but uses the same whimsical art style.

Artful Handbags & Purses-Art On the Go!

$75.00 "Martini" Lovely cocktail clutch that has a sweet handle attached. (Same artwork on both sides.)

$145.00 "Write On" is a modern handbag with artful vintage flair~this bag can be comfortable worn on the shoulder or carried over the arm.

$115.00 "Sailor Girl" Is a sweet little navy blue number that's the perfect size for an afternoon outing with the girls! The artwork on both sides is unique and one-of-a-kind.

$125.00 "Lovely Ladies" is a great pocket book for an evening out while wearing a "Little Black Dress" or a run to the market to pick-up dinner. The detailing is unique and artful!

$68.00 "Mod Squad" is a modern little bag that is perfect for those adventures that don't call for a large bag. Just pop a few items in and Go! The fun pattern and bright color make this little number perfect for Spring!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

My Repurposed Vintage Handbags~For Sale!



These "Steampunk Inspired" lovlies are a unique creation of mine made with Graphic 45 papers. I just love the art of this company's line of papers and the quality. You can't go wrong with papers this beautiful! One of my hobbies is collecting vintage handbags exclusively for this purpose. I'm challenged to repurpose these timeless pocket books, purses and handbags into unique one-of-a-kind pieces that I consider Art on the Go!

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fab Day at Glitterfest!

Another "Kat & Debb" Day my friends! Thanks go out to my good friend Kathy, who helped me so much this day! We had such a blast, as usual! I'm so grateful to have such supportive friends around me~last year, my good friend Josie was an invaluable help with my booth, as was Kathy this year! Thanks again Kat & Josie for all of the schlepping and support you've given me, You Gals ROCK!

Friends that I've known since 3rd grade, Dian Hunt and Lynne Gates (Plessala) came out to see me at the show! Was so good to see Dian and Lynne~I know they had fun at the show...Lynne shopped a bit! I hadn't seen Dian since our 30 year high school reunion! (did I say too much?) Loved seeing you guys, and hope to get together soon! (you girls haven't aged a bit!)

The ballroom was dazzling!

Two views of my Paradise Kitten Art Booth!

What a wonderful Day we had at Glitterfest! There was so much Amazing Art on display, that you were on sensory overload! Some of my favs~ Robin Dudly-Howes and her amazing jewelry, the Queen of Solder and so much more! Lisa Loria~her art is "off the charts" and her talents know no bounds! Tara Wilson~her rhinstone jewelry pieces were fabulous, as was her booth! Crystal Basica~her assembledges (sp?) are fantastic and unique-loved the old light bulb hot air balloon piece! There were so many artist works that I truely was awed by, too many to mention! I was in amazing company this day and had a fantastic time meeting new clients, selling my wares and being surrounded by like minded people! What an Awesome Day!