Sunday, December 4, 2011

Matilda's Mouse -Welcome!

Tailgating at Matilda's with Kathy!

Always love to enjoy a good vintage with your Vintage Soul Sista!

Beautiful grounds!

...and of course, a great spread!

Kathy and I so enjoy our treasure huinting adventures together, it's our gift to each other. Plus, there's the added bonus of having two blondes in the truck that always seem to take the scenic route to their destinations. (not because we LIKE the road less traveled, we're always lost!) Until Kat asked directions from a local tow truck driver- good one Kat, you saved the day and the adventure! It never fails, even if we've been there before! Also, we gab too much on the road and always miss our turnoff...

Matilda's Mouse Adventure!

Kat and I just love our visits to Matilda's Mouse in Valley Center, CA. (near Escondido) They have such unique treasures at great prices! The catch is, they're only open one weekend a month, so you have to get on their email list to be notified! Kinda of an odd deal, but it works for them! We make the trek out there every couple of month's or so, and we're never disappointed!

Beauty surrounds you, everywhere you look.

In the barn...

Such beautifully displayed items wherever you look! It really is a treat for the eyes, heart and soul of the treasure hunting gal!

Outside the Barn

Loved all of the rusted, rugged and weathered stuff out in the barnyard! All of the textures and shapes caught my eye-thank goodness I don't have to use film anymore-I would have gone through so many rolls!

Matilda's Mouse Madness!

Matilda's has such yummy Holiday goodness everywhere~a feast for your eyes for sure!

Twinkle, Twinkle...

Simply Amazing!

Beautiful goodies surrounded me, I was in Heaven!

Sparkle, Sparkle!

Love this owl made from pine cones, sticks and other woodsey fare!

Tea anyone?

A Country Christmas!

So much Glittery Goodness!

All that Glitters is...Fabulous!

You couldn't take a bad picture in this place! These gals really know their merchandising and do such a great job! We are always amazed when we visit Matilda's Mouse!

The Eye Candy Never Ends...!

I just love finding all of these wonderful items from "yesteryear"! Could this first lovely possibly be the original design for what we know today as the "Mud Flap Girl"? Hmmm...

Everywhere I looked, there was eye candy~I was almost overcome with too much visual stimulation~I think my eyes were dialating at this point...then I calmed down and proceeded with my adventure. Such wonderful treasures!

Lovely Christmas Goodies at Matilda's!

There were so many lovely goodies to see at Matilda's Mouse, that we spent more time browsing and taking pictures than actually shopping! I think we took at least 2 hours just to cruise the barn with our cameras! Then the shopping began! Actually, I was very good...I spent a whopping $9.25 on 3 items: an antique ciagrette case for $5, a small vintage hymnal for $4 and the find of the day...drumroll please...a vintage pocket dictionary for....25 cents! Ah, the smell of consumer victory in the morning!

...More Christmas Magic!

Love these metal stars with the hint of evergreen in the shot!
Lovely old piano just waiting to be tuned and played for the holiday!

Santa incased in a glass box...this way you can "preserve" him all year long!

Bicycle built for two anyone? Great way to work off all of those calories we'll be ingesting over the Christmas Season! Plus, this model is totally "old skool" speeds but ONE! Pump those legs!

Nice goodies out in the yard at Matilda's!