Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lookit Those Beads!

I so Love the neclace designs from the 40's and 50's! So, of course, I just had to make my own verson of these time-honored pieces! I love to mix texture and opposing styles of beads to create combinations that you wouldn't expect!

For Sale-$63.00

In this piece I used some fun playful beads~I love the reds and light greens together. This one could be worn for the holidays...or not, just depends on YOU! I also had fun using polished bullet casings to accent this piece; kinda cool I think!

For Sale: $63.00
These Autum colors really appealed to me along with the oblong tile-look shape of the outer strand bead. This is a great look with any outfit~very classy without being stuffy. Love It!

For Sale: $63.00

Another blue mix with totally different beads. The outer strand beads are actually made of wood and are very light-weight. Quite deceiving compared to their size. This turquoise color can be the right POP of Color for your fall wardrobe that can carry you all through the seasons well into Summer!

For Sale: $63.00

New Goodies From My Studio!

These pieces are Steampunk Inspired and a bit Fun! Love using the Rolo chain-it can look so industrial, especially when you distress it with chemicals. I love the feminie touch of the crystal mixed with the sturdy urban look of the chain and gears~too cool!

For Sale: $55.00

On this piece, I wire-wrapped each brown pearl~a bit time consuming, but I love the effect! Again, I dangled a totally fem crystal and a couple of tiny antique heart charms and there you Go!

For Sale: $55.00

Wire-wrapped brown pearls adorn this crystal with a lovely lass viewing the world. The Gears and the brass skull and crossbones make this piece particularly Fun!

For Sale: $55.00

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Have Faith!

Whether life throws you lemons, or you're enjoying lemonaid, have faith my Friends, it'll all work out in the end! Have a Great Week Everyone!

My 3 Amigos Necklace!

"My 3 Amigos" necklace was quite a challenge to make. I wire wrapped all of the glass beads and glass flowers to the metal circle. Not hard to do, just time consuming~plus, I'm inventing it as I go along, so it takes longer because you're discovering it as it unfolds. attached a base piece to the back to secure the 3 skullies to, then added more flowery fun! Found an old brass chain that worked perfectly and Voila'! For me this piece represents the three most important people in my life that have passed away~ my little sister Rena, my Dad and my step-Dad, Ed. I just came up with all of this as I went along; I love how a piece just creates itself without you knowing it. And then you realize, it's perfect! It's all good!

Dia de los Muertos Lovelies!

My Day of the Dead Collection!

Turquoise and Vintage red glass beads-wire wrapped attached to copper rolo-chain. Love the blue skully adorned with crystal rhondels to make him sparkle! I finally found a home for my glass heart (symbolizing the Sacred Heart). Dangling from the heart is a distressed gothic cross with a blue rhinestone cross as the center accent, Fabulous!
Day of the Dead necklace with black glass beads and Vintage red beads all wire wrapped and attached to silver plated rolo chain. A bone-white skully is also adorned in crystal rhondels to make him sparkle! A cobalt blue glass heart is accented with a dangling gothic cross with crystal rhinestones in the center. Very Galm!

My more "earthier" version in the Day of the Dead collection. Milky green glass beads and vintage red beads are wire wrapped and attached to a copper rolo chain. Here, a olive green skully, also adorned with crystal rhondels, is attached to a red glass heart. This piece has the gothic cross with a soft green gemstone cross in the center. Lovely!