Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bring in the Bling!

I love making these collage-style pieces!
We have so many great papers at my store,
that it's easy to find something to get creative
with! Most of these stones were found at a
great store in Las Vegas~5000 sq. ft. of
Beading Heaven! I think I was there at least 2
hours going through EVERYTHING!
"A Rose is a Rose"
"My Girl"
"Vintage Fashionista"
"Pretty in Pink"

"Cool Crystal" Necklace
(comes with matching earrings!)

"Blue Dream"

The Collection~sold at the
Scrapping Lounge
for store info. go to: www.scrappinglounge.com
Now, it's time to start work on my "Marilyn"
bracelets and Halloween charms. Did a load of
soldering yesturday in the studio, burnt-out
my soldering tip; now I need to replace it pronto!
I really need to go break some more dishware
and create stuff...that was so FUN!
Dig Your Art Gang!

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  1. So happy you are having fun with the Jewelry!!!