Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Bash 2013!

Another year has rolled around and we found ourselves enjoying yet another Awesome Halloween Party! These pictures were all taken by my good friend, Debbie (I haven't uploaded mine yet, and hers are better!)
 I always decorate "The Ledge" in my home, being I have collected so many Halloween decorations through the years.  Actually, I think I may have more Halloween decorations than Christmas decorations!
 Moi, Lynne, Rosie (aka, Sis) and Tony! All Smiles for the Party!
 Kathy, Moi, Lynne, Rosie and Debbie!
Great Costumes you guys!
 Lynne and my Baby Girl!
 Lovely Friends at the dinner table!
 Kat & Debb
The Blondes with loads of Ambition! (Yes, that's a wig!)
 Good Long time Friends, Debbie & Kit!
It was so good seeing them after all of these years!
 Sam & Virgie~Love the Steampunk Flair Girls!
 Mom and Lynne! Mom still enjoys my parties and has been to every single one!
We all had such a Blast! Good Friends, Good Food and Good Times make the Best Memories! Thanks Gang for making this Halloween Bash a Raving Success! I Love You All!

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