Friday, October 25, 2013

GlitterFest Fall 2013! A Magical time Was had By All!

 Hi Gang! GlitterFest Fall was such a BLAST this time! This is the second show in our new location at the Bussiness Center of Anaheim and I Love It! So much more room for our customers to shop in, lots of space for us all to be inside, and Fabulous Food Trucks to sample~what more could a Girl ask for?
 New Dia de Los Muertos Handbag, Wallet and Eyeglass Case Set
I Love This Combo!
 My Mannequin all decked-out for the Holiday! Of course, she's sporting the Latest bling from Debbra J Designs! The two middle pieces I made for Halloween SOLD at the show! Yay! 
 My One-of-a-Kind Brooches! They're for Dia de Los Muertos, but I wear mine all year round!  they look Great on a little knit scarf or Smashing on a jacket lapel!
 My Cow Head is all adorned for the season...any season! I also have tons of handmade books for sale~sold a few of these!
 My wallets, of course~no two are exactly the same! I even displayed some of my latest "Frieda" paintings~Love their Folksy-Flair. Variety is the Spice of Life!
 Lisa Loria and I posing at her Awesome Booth! I'm diggin' her tights, So Cute!
 Lisa's sweet daughter, Emily holding down the fort! I LOVE Lisa's skeleton horses! She had so much amazing art at her booth...I NEED to be rich, so I can buy more ART!
 Two more of my Uber-Talented friends~Crystal and Robin! There's so much Talent in this picture, I'm about to fall down!
My Good Friend, Crystal~as always, her booth had so much AMAZING ART, I didn't know where to look first!  GlitterFest was so much FUN!  Sheryl and Diane did an AWESOME JOB as always with this FABULOUS EVENT! Thanks Girlies~LOVE YA!

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