Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lavender Farm and Vintage Stuff!

 The Girlie's~Emily, Debb (me), Kathy, Lisa and Emily! I KNOW, we have Two Awesome Emily's with us, how cool is That?!
 A few pics from our fun visit to The Vintage Market Place in Rainbow! So much lovely goodness and eye candy all around! We had a wonderful time, this was my first visit to the VMP~I bought some metal madness pieces from Dyanna at Broke Jewels, always want more than I can afford! 
 Next Stop, Keys Creek Lavender Farm in Valley Center, or as I like to say: "not far from the Vintage Market Place, past a yellow roadside deli, down a dirt road on the right and you're there!"  Easy-Peasy! What a lovely treasure~thanks Lisa Loria for sharing this great place with us yesterday, so cool!
 Just a few pictures I took whilst at the Farm! It smelled so good in their little gift shop, and they have CLEAN BATHROOMS; this is so important when you're Day Tripping! I never realized there were so many varieties of lavender, so of course, I just had to purchase a little plant to add to my yard! For more info. on the Farm.
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Wishing you All Peace & Love this weekend and Always!

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