Friday, June 21, 2013

New Custom Orders Complete!

This lovely piece is a result of my client's trips to China throughout the years and her collecting bits and pieces of jade, lacquered beads and bone along the way!  I was literally given a Ziplock bag full of these treasures and told to "have at it!" (my favorite thing to hear!) I just finished this piece yesterday and absolutely LOVE how it turned out! Each piece on this necklace is a little work of art in itself; collectively, it's stunning!  I will be delivering these two pieces to my client this weekend~This was a joy to work on!

I'm The Queen of Procrastination~always have been. I do my best work when I'm under pressure to meet a deadline.  I may start-off with loads of time, but I will actually get the work going towards the end of that timeline! I always produce good work and meet the deadline, but you'd think I'd get going sooner. Now don't get me wrong, I'm actually processing my ideas, knowing that my time is fleeting by, but also knowing that I can do it and what my abilities and limitations are.  It all works out in the end!  I realized years ago, that I passed this trait onto my daughter.  While in middle school, she had a huge project due that she waited to the last minute to start. (as kids do) She actually was in the 11th hour working on this thing.  I had told her she was on her own, that she was old enough to manage her time and smart enough to know how to do this. Well, my Brilliant Baby Girl pulled an all-nighter and produced an awesome project that got her an A! So I then learned that she inherited my procrastination gene along with the strong work-ethic and quality-work gene! From then on I never nagged or bugged her about "Getting a jump on her projects" and not "leaving everything to the last minute".  she proved to me that she does perform well under pressure and can be counted on to turn out a quality product, no matter when she starts to work on it! We're both wired this way!
This piece is constructed from a clients worldly travels, mostly in China, as seen by all of the porcelain pieces.  I loved playing with all of these bits~the center pendant was especially challenging, being I totally created it from random pieces I was supplied.  The two silver/red pieces in the earrings and at the sides of the pendant were actually a bracelet that I took apart and reconfigured. It took me a bit of time to design, but I love the results!  My client loves statement pieces and can wear them well~she is a world traveler and collected these and many other pieces along the way.  All of these bits and pieces were just sitting in drawers for years, unworn, until I shared my design and take on Treasure Necklaces.  I originally made myself one with random bits of "crap" and loved it! I've been telling my clients to supply me with meaningful items from their lives to make them their own "Treasures". The result is a one-of-a-kind wearable work of art!

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