Monday, July 15, 2013

Wango~Zentangle, 1-2-3-4...!

Happy Monday Gang! Just Swinging By to make a post this week! If you've been on my FB page recently, then you've seen these two drawings that I completed playing around with the art of Zentangle aka doodling.  Now, I'll admit, this is unlike any doodling I ever did in the past, I actually planned my compositions somewhat, whereas with doodling, they just happened.  Some of Zentangle I believe just happens, depending on your skill and confidence.  I had to plan somewhat, but love the results!  The above drawing, which I call "Beautiful Mess" was inspired by a drawing done by Tiffany Lovering.  I fell in love with Lovering's piece and tried making my own, which I'm very happy with.  After completing my girl, I felt the Need to continue, and that's how "Horse With the Mane" was created.
I had horses on the brain evidently, being I had just returned from Horse Camping with friends and had endured an extensive trail ride.  Having gone on this adventure, I really wanted to make a magnificent horse head and Zentangle was the answer! Most drawings I've seen done in the Zentangle style are abstract in nature, which made me want to create something totally different.  After completing "Beautiful Mess" which is a person, I went with my favorite animal, the horse; logical transition if you know me.  I had a blast doing these two pieces and found that I became obsessed in wanting to finish them and see the completed product! I'm now thinking of other combinations to tie together form and pattern to create my own Zentangle drawing style! 
One of the first things I realized is that you need a good set of pens~I couldn't go out and go crazy, but using 3 different sizes: XS, S, M worked for these two projects. I only have my sketch pads to work with as far as paper goes, which can be challenging because is soaks up the ink and causes it to bleed if you're not careful. It's all in the touch and the technique and just takes practice, practice, practice. Now I'm going through paper like crazy, time to start recycling paper I do have...I used to own a scrapbook store you know? Ha, Ha! Now I'm off to my studio to create more Art, so I'll sign-off until next week Gang!

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