Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy Trails!

Had a blast over the Fourth of July horse camping with my good friends Sharon and Mike up in Idyllwild at Camp McCall! What an awesome campground all outfitted for the equestrian camper! I've camped for many years but not with horses, so this was a new and wonderful experience for me. We all enjoyed the back country while taking a 7 hour, 15  mile trail ride which took us into the city of Idyllwild. The trails were rugged and challenging for this rider, but my trusty steed, Doc, handled it all like a trooper.  Actually, he's more experienced than me and I soon learned to trust him and his steps over rocks on the steep trails and drop-offs.  My friends Sharon and Mike were on their trusty steeds, Kota and Dudley who took good care if them as well! You really need a sound reliable horse on these trails to keep you safe and make the ride enjoyable! Believe it or not, I can still walk and have minimal soreness! The next morning we all enjoyed a short ride to the local cafe for breakfast and an arts and crafts fair! Love it up here, and it's so close to home! Thanks Sharon and Mike for the invitation to join you guys, I loved it and love you guys! Can't wait to hit the trail again~until then, Happy Trails to You~

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