Saturday, May 18, 2013

I'm On the Etching Crazy Train! Woot, Woot!

I'm not kidding, I just learned how to etch on metal and I LOVE it! I basically taught myself ...with the help of a few tutorials on YouTube, which is also an awesome Time Suck. I was up into the wee hours one night plugged-in to the vast selection of tutorials on the topic, trying hard not to veer off into another creative avenue. (it's hard, let me tell ya!) Needless to say, I barely slept and was up early in the A.M. ready to descend on Radio Shack to get a bottle of Ferric Chloride~everything else I managed to have, which is another reason I love this process so much...It's EASY!  After getting home and setting-up my mini "lab" on the kitchen counter (don't worry Gang, I covered everything and disinfected afterwards.) I rechecked the vid and was on my way~check it out below, this is ALL you NEED!
 Ta Da! My very first sample of metal etching! I decided, if I was going to put the time in, I might as well do something useful as a sample, like a pair of earrings, right?  Once the etching chemical process is complete and the pieces(s) are clean, you just brighten them up with fine steel wool. (I had a whole package in the studio left over from my dad's tool box, been here forever and I never had a use for it until now! I KNEW I'd need that stuff someday!)  Love how they turned out~this is so cool!
 And here's the finished result made into earrings!  I've been wearing them everywhere for the past couple of days giving them a "Test Drive".  I always do this with a new piece of jewelry I make, just to make sure things hang right, etc., these are so lightweight, I can't feel them at all! Love, Love, Love them Gang!
I'll be adding them to my website soon at: 

Thanks Gang~now back to the studio to work on my Mixed Media piece that's drying.  (I have to do other things while the paint dries you know?)

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