Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Flags Of Hope

After the horrendous tragedy that occurred at Connecticut's Sandy Hook Elementary School a couple weeks ago, many of us find ourselves rendered useless by not knowing what we can do to help.  Well, one of my FB artist friends came up with the perfect solution for some of us~making prayer or hope flags that will be made into banners and hopefully put on display at the new school location for the kids to see.  There was a comment made recently that stated that one of the worries is that everyone will forget all about what has happened and life will go on in a couple weeks~not so.  The healing will take a lifetime, and we will never forget this tragedy.  Leighanna Light came up with a marvelous idea to make Hope flags for the school to brighten the children's day while at school in their new location! What a Fab idea! Plus, myself and various others had an outlet for our grief and confusion related to this awful tragedy, perfect! 

Now I don't sew, but was able to pull something together that I really like and can't wait to share with the others involved with the project, and ultimately, the kids.  It's just my small way to be connected and let them all know that I cared, and won't forget.

So, kids, teachers, staff, residents of Connecticut, we do care and hope that you will all smile some day, we Love You All!    

For more information on this fabulous project, go to:

Read about the project or become a part of the project!

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