Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Peacock Feathers Under Glass!

Close-Up of the Peacock Pendant. I design and do all of my own solder-work; these pieces are made "from scratch", not bought and repurposed. I also use actual beveled glass, the same glass used in making beautiful custom made doors and windows.
This particular piece involved wire-wrapping coordinating glass beads to showcase the pendant. Then it was finished with rolo chain. What's nice about the pendant is that the front and back are glass so the feather can be seen from both sides! Price: $72.00

...close-up of bead work.

This lovely piece was designed and constructed from scratch by myself, of course. I decided to go with a totally different look on this one by using fired ceramic beads that also complimented the feather pendant. This one is finished with copper chain~I love mixing my metals for a more unique look! Price: $72.00

Close-Up of Feather Under Glass Pendant~Exquisite!

I just love all of the deatiled texture and color seen in this small part of the feather!

With this design, I was able to preserve the beauty and shape of the feather; the wearer never has to worry about it fraying, breaking or getting caught on anything!

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