Tuesday, November 15, 2011

...working in my Studio

Having a total blast working non-stop in the studio these days~all in preparation of my Trunk Show and Boutique this Sunday, Nov. 20th from 3-7pm! The madness never stops-when I would get to a stopping point with my art, I would start working on the Holiday Dacor in the house! Against my holiday viewpoint- I NEVER pre-emptively decorate for one holiday when the the current one hasn't even happened yet! ie: decorating for Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving! But, in this case I had to make an exception-my Trunk Show needs to be FESTIVE! So what's a girl to do? Climb that 6ft' ladder Baby and work those christmas lights! Whew! Now that most of the decorating is done, I can consentrate on my art again...I think the Stickles glitter glue has dried. Time to fire-up the glue gun and get creative!

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