Monday, November 21, 2011

...more Fab Goodies!

My livingroom has been transformed into a fabulous Boutique! I still have it set-up...I really don't want to tear it down quite yet, being I put so much into creating it! Thankfully, I'm not entertaing this Thanksgiving, so I can leave it up as long as I wanna! (I'll get the house back to "normal" soon, don't worry...)

Pictured are: Paper Rosettes-after I bought my Martha Stewart score board thingy, I can's stop making these lovlies! I'm selling them for $1.50/ea. They all have a Vintage Button set in the center!

My display showing my fab Rings for a mere $8.00/ea and various necklaces. I do so LOVE mirrors, don't you?

A trayful of repurposed eyeglass cases! Each one an original by ME! I so Love Graphic 45 papers and use them all of the time in my repurposing projects! These lovlies sell for $25.00/ea.

These necklaces are from my "Day of the Dead" Collection! I know the holiday has passed, but we should always honor those that have moved on and remember them always! I wear my pieces from this collection whenever the mood hits...I know a lot of dead people, let me tell you! Plus, these are fun and whimsical~and sometimes you just need to show a little skull!

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