Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My 3 Amigos Necklace!

"My 3 Amigos" necklace was quite a challenge to make. I wire wrapped all of the glass beads and glass flowers to the metal circle. Not hard to do, just time consuming~plus, I'm inventing it as I go along, so it takes longer because you're discovering it as it unfolds. attached a base piece to the back to secure the 3 skullies to, then added more flowery fun! Found an old brass chain that worked perfectly and Voila'! For me this piece represents the three most important people in my life that have passed away~ my little sister Rena, my Dad and my step-Dad, Ed. I just came up with all of this as I went along; I love how a piece just creates itself without you knowing it. And then you realize, it's perfect! It's all good!

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