Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Yes, I Ate It...

Alright, I admit, I was really excited to eat this Halloween Burger at Burger King. I mean, it's a BLACK BUN! WTH? Last night my daughter and I had to go visit two Burger Kings to finally order one of these Gothic Wonders. So, basically, it's a Whopper that looks to be made of tar. It's nothing like the ad, they never are. This thing was squished and flat, like it had seen better days. They use way too much mayo for my taste, but then I forgot that I could have had it my way, oh well. Now after this non-event in culinary Don't's, I regretted it, mainly because it wasn't as cool looking as I thought it would be. While bringing it home I was telling my daughter about all of the cool pictures I could take with this ebony diet buster. I was imagining donning my steampunk top hat, cool John Lennon style clip-on sunglasses and black lipstick for a great shot! When I spied this...thing, all I could hear is an audible "wha wha wha..." So sad. If you're thinking of partaking in this "treat", save your duckets, it's not worth the trip. Oh, and the next morning when this lovely makes it's exit, you will experience the darkest green mess, so just thank your innards for passing this thing uneventfully. Sad but true, I fell for all the Hoopla, back to In-N-Out for me. 

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