Sunday, March 24, 2013

Vintage Beauty!

I'm so Twitterpated! I finally purchased Melanie Doerman's book: "The Art of Forgotten Things" and was so inspired by one of her creations, that I made a version of my own! It took me a couple of days, and a lot of design planning and selection to come to fruition, but I did it!

Now, the reason I was so intrigued by this project was that the center disk is a 1 1/2" washer! Yes, a common washer found at any hardware store Gang! I love how a common item such as a washer can be transformed into a beautiful piece of jewelry!  The colored crystal dangles are actual vintage pieces from a larger piece I acquired a couple years ago on one of my "Kat & Debb" treasure hunting days!  The vintage photo is actually a picture of my Mom when she was 17 and  modeled in her youth.
It was the perfect accent for this piece. I think I'll venture to make a couple more, being I love this design and it's origins so much! 

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