Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fab Day at Glitterfest!

Another "Kat & Debb" Day my friends! Thanks go out to my good friend Kathy, who helped me so much this day! We had such a blast, as usual! I'm so grateful to have such supportive friends around me~last year, my good friend Josie was an invaluable help with my booth, as was Kathy this year! Thanks again Kat & Josie for all of the schlepping and support you've given me, You Gals ROCK!

Friends that I've known since 3rd grade, Dian Hunt and Lynne Gates (Plessala) came out to see me at the show! Was so good to see Dian and Lynne~I know they had fun at the show...Lynne shopped a bit! I hadn't seen Dian since our 30 year high school reunion! (did I say too much?) Loved seeing you guys, and hope to get together soon! (you girls haven't aged a bit!)

The ballroom was dazzling!

Two views of my Paradise Kitten Art Booth!

What a wonderful Day we had at Glitterfest! There was so much Amazing Art on display, that you were on sensory overload! Some of my favs~ Robin Dudly-Howes and her amazing jewelry, the Queen of Solder and so much more! Lisa Loria~her art is "off the charts" and her talents know no bounds! Tara Wilson~her rhinstone jewelry pieces were fabulous, as was her booth! Crystal Basica~her assembledges (sp?) are fantastic and unique-loved the old light bulb hot air balloon piece! There were so many artist works that I truely was awed by, too many to mention! I was in amazing company this day and had a fantastic time meeting new clients, selling my wares and being surrounded by like minded people! What an Awesome Day!


  1. Had a great time Debster, felt a little under the weather but had a great time helping you and seeing all the other talented Artists ..Your space looked awesome !!!


  2. Thanks so much Kat for all of your time and help! Hope you're feeling better today! Smooches Doll! xoxo