Saturday, June 25, 2011

Studio Stills...

I so love my new studio space! I totally converted my garage into 2/3 studio, 1/3 storage~I think that's a good fraction to work with! We always parked our cars in the driveway for convienience anyway, so the space wasn't being maximized, in my opinion. When I was closing the store the last 2 months, I decided to take advantage and as I liquidated at the store, I would clean out parts of the garage, and Voila'! I have a very functional art-space that's roomy and full of everything I need! Below are a few pic's showing my completed spaces. I'll try to post pics of the whole adventure from beginning to end. Just stay tuned...

Where my "entertainment" resides. A girl needs a little musical muse to keep her going throughout the day, right?

One side of my jewelry-making station. I just love working with little bits of treasures, don't you?

I especially love the "Baileys Irish Creme" cup with the little face. I picked her up in one of my favorite "boutiques" aka, thrift shop for $2. Had seen her all over at antique stores for $7-$12...can you say...SCORE?

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