Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Record" Art Hits the Scrapping Lounge!

I've been at it again! I was so inspired recently by trying to reuse, recycle and repurpose, that I just had to complete this project! There are so many old, old LP's out there that are beyond being collected, or even played. The LP's that I selected were not on any collector's list (wouldn't that suck!) Also, they were scratched and past their useful prime. I saw this process done and thought it was must do for me. After making a sample for myself, I decided to make some "Mail~Magazine Racks" to sell at my store, Scrapping Lounge! I've made varieties ranging from a "single" up to a 4-stack of "wax" rack! While being very hip and cool with all of the "in" retro stuff, they're actually functional! I have a "single" in my office holding mail, and a "3-stack" by my copier with other paper items. Very cool Gang! So Swing on by the Lounge soon to check out these Vinyl Wonders for yourself!
Or, feel free to contact the Scrapping Lounge at: (909) 626-7767. Also, check out the Lounge website at: Go Green and ROCK ON!

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